Broken Needle Day is only 5 days away…

What is Broken Needle Day?

If you’ve never heard of Broken Needle Day it sounds a bit odd, I know, but really it’s a lovely idea.

It’s a day set aside for women to take these humble little tools that we do so much with, and NOTICE them. And while we are at it, its a time to notice all the other small domestic tools that do so much in our lives.

In Japan of Feb. 8 women will take their broken and bent needles to shrines where they will place them in cakes made of tofu to let them have a soft resting place after their hard service.

You could use this day, also, to notice the little domestic tools we take for granted and to appreciate how much they contribute to our daily lives.¬† Make you broken needles a soft lined box to rest in. Make your working needles a new book to live in. Maybe even buy a block of tofu and have a little ceremony….whatever you do, its about the NOTICING¬† and appreciating (as opposed to the not noticing)

Here is a link to my songbird needle book pattern to help you celebrate:

Happy Stitching


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